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September 2018 - A half day
We were a fairly large group of 21 people, looking for a cultural and educational city tour in Tokyo. Yasushi was very responsive, flexible and helpful organizing this half day tour for us. Our group was split between Yasushi and Mariko, who both did an excellent job showing us around. Both Yasushi and his partner are very friendly, knowledgeable and organized persons, making this morning tour a highly enjoyable and educational experience for us.
(Sönke R, Germany)

March 2018 - Four full days
Yasushi was our guide for 4 days. While I’ve been to Japan before it was many years ago and new to my husband and son so I wanted to make sure we were able to experience as much as we could in the short trip we had planned. Yasushi was perfect. He put an itinerary together after asking us what we were looking for in our trip. I must say he is extremely knowledgeable. He shares the history of the sites we visited in detail and he knows where to shop if you are looking for something specific. You can tell he is passionate about his country and he takes great pride showcasing this beautiful City. One of the things we wanted to do most was eat delicious Japanese food. Yasushi gave us perfect recommendations. He knew where to eat and selected restaurants that were nearby. I hope to go back again someday and I hope Yasushi is available again to help make our trip a memorable one.
(Celeste F, Milwaukee USA )

August 2017 - A full day
Yasushi was fantastic. His command of English is excellent. We suggested some sites we would like to see and Yasushi came up with an itinerary for the day that worked well, plus he made sensible changes. He was extremely knowledgeable on the history of the sites we saw plus the reasoning behind the various religious rituals we witnessed and participated in. He chose a great but reasonable lunch spot too. A really interesting day - well worth it.
(Tanya C, South Africa)

July 2017 - A full day
Our family (parents & 12 and 15 y/o sons) hired Yasushi as our guide on our first full day in Tokyo. He was easy to correspond with, strong English skills, very nice and polite. Yasushi was very helpful in showing us how to navigate the train system in Tokyo. He showed us how to obtain a pass, add currency, and figure out which types of lines traveled to each destination. We toured the largest Pokemon Center in Tokyo, Akihabara (specific gaming shops), and the fish market. Highly recommend!
(Doris P, Los Angeles)

March 2017 - Two full day
Yasushi was terrific. We were visiting Tokyo from the U.S. with three of our grown children. He made the trip interesting for all. We spent two days and had a wonderful time. A nice guy in addition to being a great guide. Highly recommended.
(Gregg S, New Jersey)

January 2017 - A full day
Yasushi was booked so we booked with Yoko and had a marvelous time. Traveling by subway, we first attended the annual New Year’s Greeting from the Emperor of Japan (along with 20,000 avid Japanese). We then attended the Lion Dance at the Kiyosumi Japanese Garden and the Fukagawa Fudo Temple where wishes are presented to the deity through chanting sutras, banging durms and burning fire. We were so glad to have the chance to see this. Yoko was very helpful and informative. Highly recommend her.

July 2016 - Two full day
Traveling with Yoko was the highlight of our trip to Japan. We had her booked for two days and Yasushi tailored the entire tour to meet our interests and needs. We were able to cover a lot of ground and see many diverse facets of Tokyo while also thoroughly enjoying ourselves! We were able to see prominent landmarks such as the fish market and various shrines, while participating in activities more geared towards my personal interests such as anime and kawaii culture! We were given exclusive one on one access to meeting and working with animators from Toei animation (a HUGE animation company in Japan) as well as given access to a limited edition event at an anime cafe! Yoko knows all the best places for food that is in your price range and?DELICIOUS! We ate the most delicious sushi and ramen we ever had and for an incredibly reasonable price! They know where all the locals go and can give you the most authentic experience you desire. Yoko's kindness and cheerfulness made the tour especially enjoyable, as she is not only a considerate and helpful tour guide but also a great traveling companion. Her english is also exceptional which helped with any communication issues we may have had during our tour. If we ever come back to Japan she will be the first person we call! Our trip to Tokyo would not have been nearly as delightful or as memorable without her.
(Katharine B, USA )

April 2016 - Two full day
Mr. Yasushi did not perform like our guide in Tokyo. Not at all. In fact, Mr. Yasushi was our professor for a couple of days. When a “classroom” of 13 europeans were keen to see all of Tokyo in a couple of hours, Mr. Yasushi’ s suggestion was to relax and to indulge our time for inspiration and joy. I hope that we were a good classmates learning of Japanese politeness and punctuality. From the fish market to Yakiniku, from Budhist and Shintoist temple to traditional sushi and wasabi, from sake to zen and from National Gardens and parks to Sakura philosophy, it was a pleasure to have him as a coordinator. This was not only a lesson about Tokyo and “The Land of the Raising Sun”, but a initiation travel with a proper tutor explain and show the Japanese spirit. I hope that he will agree to be our teacher at our next visit. Sayonara, Mr. Yasushi! Cu stim?/Kind regards,
(Catalin D, Romania)

April 2016 - Two full day
Mr. Yasushi is really accommodating and he reached at time. He would always do more than what we expected. Could arrange for us in the event of emergency and at the last day, he gave us a small present. That is so sweet of him. I would engage him again in the near future. He is a true professional guide.
(Alex N, Malaysia )

March 2016 - A full day
We booked Yasushi at first because he offered a Manga workshop for our daughter with a published artist. We were very satisfied with our tour set up for what we wanted to see for our first day in Tokyo. I use the tours to learn how to get around using the suica cards for the subways. After sightseeing, shopping, and lunch, we met his wife Yoko who helped with the Manga workshop. This was a highlight in the trip for her. Well worth the $$. Thanks for showing us your Tokyo! Aloha 3/17/16
(Kurt T, Hawaii, U.S.A)

November 2015 - A full day
Competent, friendly guide for a perfect individual tour, always according to our wishes. Would always chose Yasushi again.

(Edgar L, Germany )

September 2015 - A full day
Yasushi and Yoko planned a great all-day itinerary based on our interests, and Yoko was a terrific guide! Along with major sights, she took us to a small gallery we would NEVER have found where we bought a painting, and we had fantastic ramen at a place we would NEVER have tried. She was tireless, very knowledgeable, and very friendly. We also took the anime workshop, where we were able to try background painting, and there was a nice surprise at the end. We would definitely hire them again!

(Derek L, USA. )

August 2015 - Three full days
Yasushi knows food! Perfect for our family, well organized and patient.

(Gene K, Chicago U.S.A. )

May 2015 - A full day
Thank you so much for yesterday's tour! My cousin and I had an excellent time. It was very fun and informative. Thank you again and have a great day.

(Julia and Artem, Tronto Canada. )

December 2014 - A full day
My wife, and brother and sister in law decided to meet in Tokyo on the way to a family gathering in Hawaii - the first time for all of us going to Japan - and stumbled across Yasushi and Yoko's site. We had never used a guide before in any country we'd visited, but given our short stay in Tokyo we thought it might be a good time to try... and we certainly weren't disappointed! We spent the best part of the day with Yoko who met us at our hotel just after 9am. She had a wonderful day planned for us starting with the famous Tsukiji fish market. It was a fantastic experience to wander through the market, surrounded by the bustle of the workers and the (sometimes strange) fish being readied after market. Yoko then took us to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building which gave us unencumbered views over the city - we could even see a hint of Mount Fuji despite the hazy day. We followed this with a traditional Sukiyaki lunch - thoroughly delicious but which left us barely able to move. Thankfully Yoko was able to get us moving again and took us to the Asakusa Shrine, giving us a crash course in Shinto and Buddhism along the way. We closed out the day with a little bit of Saki tasting close to our hotel. We had a fantastic time with Yoko who is friendly and extremely knowledgeable, and thoroughly recommend you get in touch with either her or Yashushi if you're looking for a guide in Japan!

( Kieren T., U.K. )

November 2014 - Two full days
I spent two days in Tokyo; the first with Yoko and the second with Yasushi. They were both wonderful! Yasushi was very patient and helpful when we were planning the itinerary over email. Both Yoko and Yasushi were delights and I had so much fun walking around Tokyo with them! I also appreciated their knowledge and cultural guidance while we were together. Highly recommend the Watanabe's; if you're looking for a guide in Tokyo, use them!

( Kathryn H., U.S.A. )

October 2014 - Four full days
In October 2014, my husband and I spent 2 days in Tokyo with Yasushi and then 2 days in Yokohama with Yoko. We had a marvelous time with them. Yasushi showed us so much in Tokyo that we would never have gotten to by ourselves. He guided us through the subway system and tailored our sightseeing specifically to what we wanted to see [and eat!]. Yoko met us in Yokohama and took us to Kamakura [absolutely fantastic] for one day. To see the Gran Buddha is amazing! A walk thru Chinatown in Yokohama is a must! [As is the food]. Yoko is so knowledgeable and fun! We highly recommend both of them to make the most of your time in Tokyo and nearby cities. Being with them was the best part of our whole stay in Japan.

( Maria and Gabe from California USA)

June 2014 - A full day
Yoko provided excellent tour guide service for me and my son on our visit to Tokyo.   The tour was very well planned and educational.  And we saw some really neat sites.  Yoko also took the time to show us around a couple of the stores as we bought some personal items.
Sunglasses and hat for me and camera bag for my camera.  These two stops were not planned into the agenda, but Yoko did not mind at all the personal stops I requested and was very much helpful during the stops.  My son and I plan to go back to Tokyo in the fall of 2015 and we plan to meet with Yoko again for another tour of such a wonderful and picturesque city.  Thank you so much, Yoko!

( David Mason, U.S., Woodbridge VA )

May 2014 - Three full days
Yasushi is a very experienced and efficient guide. His english is excellent and his knowledge of the city is awesome. We had a wonderful time in Tokyo and we managed to know it well, thanks to Yasushi. He helped us with many aspects tourists usually have difficulties abroad, like reservations, tickets, tranportation, mobile SIM card, special requests: name it, he will help you the best way he can.
(Glaucia K. J. Curitiba, Brazil)

April 2014 - Two full days and a cycling tour
My 11 year old daughter and I traveled to Tokyo for spring break 2014. Yoko was our personal guide for the first two days if our trip. She was, without a doubt one of the most charming, informative and fun guides we've ever had. She is very patient and helpful whenever needed. Her English is excellent! We would book her again for sure. Yasushi as well was very patient and informative during out half day bike tour with him. He showed us parts of the city we would not have seen otherwise and was very helpful and accommodating.
(Jason and Sophia Cole Manhattan Beach, California)

April 2014 - A full day
I wish to thank you for the great experience we have had on our guided tour with you in Tokyo. It was really great and we got to see so many things during that day. It just makes a difference when you know which subway exit to take or which park entrance is the closest one.
(Christian & Geraldine , Austria)

September 2013 - Three full days (business trip)
My name is Gerard Della Porta and our company recently hired Yasushi as a translator for an internet trade show in Tokyo.  He was more than professional and was able to help us every step of the way at the trade show.  In addition to translating with potential new Japanese business partners, he also helped us book top restaurants each night of our stay in Tokyo and found great places for lunch each day.  Between our trade show we also were able to see the famous Tsukiji Fish Market and we visited the the Sumo Museum along with watching an action packed day of Sumo wrestling events. We have nothing but great things to say about Yasushi and we would use him again and refer him to any of our business partners or friends to use him when in  Tokyo.
(Gerard Della Porta, USA)

May 2013 - Two full days
My husband and I spent two full days in Tokyo with Yasushi Watanabe. We communicated with him before arriving, explaining that we wanted to get a feel for the city and to learn how to get around Tokyo on our own for next week. Yasushi was very helpful and flexible, making every effort to understand our needs in establishing itineraries. He also double-checked to make sure that the museums we insisted on going to were open. He took us to pleasant and moderately-priced restaurants that we enjoyed very much. Yasushi’s English is excellent. He is lively and knowledgeable. And a good teacher. After our two days with him, we understood how to use the subway and the neighborhood maps at the subway exits. I should point out that because Yasushi traveled with us by subway, we did not have to pay for a car and driver. We thus had the convenience of a knowledgeable and charming guide for a quite reasonable price. I strongly recommend Yasushi’s services and would use them again readily in the future. We have already recommended him to family.
(Tamara and Michale- Minneapolis, USA)

April 2013 - A full and a half days
My wife and I booked a day and half tour for our first visit to Tokyo. Yasushi was our guide for the full day and Sachiko was our guide for the half day. Yasushi was easy to communicate with via email prior to our arrival in Tokyo, and was very accommodating of our requests. He was very organized and paid close attention to details when planning our itinerary and arranging for a convenient place to meet, and he had good suggestions for extra stops on our tour to fill out the day. We visited Asakusa, Ueno Park, the fish market, the Imperial Palace gardens and Ginza and had a delightful experience. Yasushi and Sachiko both speak excellent English and were very knowledgeable, as well as fun to spend time with. We definitely got to see and do much more in Tokyo with our helpful tour guides than we would ever have managed on our own, and with no worries about language or transportation challenges. We would strongly recommend a tour with Yasushi on your visit to Tokyo.
(Mark A., Atlanta, GA USA)

April 2013 - A full day
We were a group of 15 Australians who travelled to Japan for a 2 week holiday. We did a Tokyo day tour with Yoko & Yasushi, they were fabulous tour guides. We covered many sites in one day with a our large group. Yoko & Yasushi were very accommodating with all our requests. We organised the tour via email with Yasushi before we arrived in Japan. Yasushi put the days itinerary together, nothing was a problem. They are both fun & easy to talk to. They are always chatting to you and explaining Tokyo city its people and features. Their English is clear and precise and it was pleasure to be with them for the day. Their knowledge & stories of Tokyo was excellent. Their knowledge of the subway allowed us to get around quicker and easier. That was made evident when in the following few days we attempted to negotiate Tokyo and its subways by ourselves. We had a fabulous day with many laughs & great stories to tell. I would strongly recommend to do a tour with Yasushi & Yoko, you cover so much more with a private guide.
(Adam & Berny Doherty - Mornington, Australia)

April 2013 - A full day

To anyone considering a trip to Tokyo, I highly recommend Yasushi as a guide. I went to Tokyo for one week, and I spent my first full day in Japan with Yasushi. It was a worthwhile investment. For starters, he was highly organized, patient, professional, prompt to respond to communications, and his English was excellent. He had an itinerary planned out before I arrived in Tokyo, and he kept things on schedule. And we managed to squeeze in quite a bit in one day (including a couple of drinks in Shibuya at the end of the day). We saw a lot of the major sights, as well as a few out-of-the-way ones. My advice would be to do the tour early on during your visit to Japan. After spending a full day with Yasushi, I had a better sense of my bearings in Japan (as well as the subway system), and I felt much more at ease venturing out on my own right away. I strongly recommend Yasushi.

(Jason, Los Angeles, California USA)

April 2013 - A full day
We spent a day with Mr. Watanabe in Asakusa/Ueno. Before we got to Tokyo, he was able to get reserved tickets for us to the Tokyo Skytree, which is very difficult to do unless you have a Japanese issued credit card. We spent the day seeing Senso-Ji temple, the Sumo wrestling area and wandered around Ueno park and the surrounding area. Every step of the way Mr. Watanabe was a lovely guide and showed us things we simply wouldn't have seen without him. I traveled with my wife and 10 year old son, he was perfectly accommodating in every way.
We'd all highly recommend Mr. Watanabe to friends and family and we hope to take a bike tour with him the next time we visit.
(Seth Finn,Los Angeles, California USA)

February 2013 - Four full days
The tour with Yasushi was excellent. He provided a great knowledge of tokyo that I would have never known otherwise. He is very reliable and straightforward. He is also a fun guy. It was like having a friend in Tokyo.
thx again.
(Jason W, California US)

January 2013 - Half day lay over
During a l0 hour layover at Narita, I decided to go into Tokyo and hired Yasushi to take me on a 4-hour tour to get a small taste of this famous city. He not only proved to be a very friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient guide, but he also provided me with excellent directions that made navigating from Narita to downtown Tokyo (where I met him) as easy as one could ask. I really enjoyed my small glimpse of Tokyo with Yasushi and can strongly recommend him to anyone else looking for a top rate guide to this fascinating city. (Peter Glassman, NYC)

September 2012 - A full day lay over
I found Yasushi on the internet as I had one full day in Tokyo, and was looking for a guide. I had contacted three others and none of the others were as efficient as Yasushi in getting back to me or as helpful in planning the trip. He gave me great instructions on how and where to meet him and my day there was great (way too short!). I would definitely recommend him and when I go back, will use him again! (Bill R. New Orleans, USA)

March 2012 - Two full days
I spent two wonderful days in Tokyo with the help of Yasushi and Yoko. We discussed the itinerary before the trip and everything went according to the outline, even though we had a storm in one of the days. They were very well prepared. Both Yasushi and Yoko were very friendly and flexible. All their suggestions were good, they are really knowledgeable; I specially recommend trying the various Japanese foods like monjayaki, unagi (eel) dishes and, of course, the sushi. If you really want to make the most of your trip, you must definitely chose a private tour, it was well worth the cost. (Luiz H.)